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Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping Services

We would love to perform you bookkeeping duties!

Our clients have the option to outsource their entire bookkeeping services to us, to let us facilitate only certain areas of their books or to let us fine-tune the books they produce themselves.  Proper record keeping and bookkeeping is the foundation for accounting and proper reporting.  The better you keep your books, the more meaningful and relevant the reports you will receive. 

Our bookkeeping services would typically include the following:

  • Cashbook -  Capturing the bank statements and performing a bank reconciliation
  • Customers -  Capturing of sales invoices, reconciling the debtor accounts, producing debtor age analysis and preparing monthly statements.  We also advise on customer control policies and processes
  • Creditors  -  Capture all supplier invoices and reconcile your supplier ledger to supplier statements.  We also advise on implementation of supplier control processes. 
  • General Ledger -  We will setup your general ledger accounts in such a way that you will receive meaningful and relevant information from your ledger.  We maintain your general ledger accounts in line with SARS legislation as well as international accounting standards. 

Accounting Services for Companies & Individuals

Accounting Services for Close Corporations & Companies

  • Corporate Tax Return
  • Provisional Tax Returns
  • VAT,  PAYE and UIF Returns
  • Workmen’s Compensation Commissioner Returns
  • Annual Financial Statements
  • Management  Statements
  • Tax Consulting
  • Internal System Audit
  • Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Budgets and Forecasting
  • Business Valuations
  • Business Plans
  • Amendments to registration documents with CIPC




  • Conversion from Close corporation to company
  • CIPC Annual Returns
  • Registration of Close Corporations & Companies
  • New Company Registrations
  • Assistance with Stock take
  • Tax Clearance Certificates
  • VAT Registrations
  • Income Tax Registrations
  • BEE Registration and Certificates
  • Preparation of projected cash flow statements
  • Pastel accounting stationary sales (Invoice and Statement paper)
  • Assistance with NPO

Accounting Services for Individuals

  •  Annual Tax Returns
  • Provisional Tax Returns
  • Monthly Bookkeeping (Sole Proprietor)
  • Income and Expense Statements (Sole Proprietor)
  • Tax Clearance Certificates

Payroll Services

  •  Weekly and fortnightly wages
  • Monthly salaries
  • Electronic and printed payslips
  • Monthly EMP201 returns to SARS
  • UI-19 monthly submission to the Department of Labour
  • Application for tax directives
  • Bi-annual online EMP501 Reconciliation and submission via easyfile
  • Annual online EMP501 Reconciliation and submission via easyfile
  • Uploading an issuing of year end IRP5/IT3 Certificates via easyfile
  • PAYE, SDL, UIF and WCA Registrations
  • Payroll Stationary sales (Payslip Paper)


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