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Managing Agents:
Sectional Title Management & Home Owners Associations.

We offer a comprehensive range of sectional title management and administration services to sectional title schemes, body corporate, sectional title property owners, and sectional title trustees for bodies corporate and property owners and trustees or directors for home owners associations.
We are committed to provide a quality property management service to home owners associations and sectional title schemes and adding value to the assets and investments of our clients.
From experience, property owners and sectional title trustees have little time to get involved in managing their day to day affairs and prefer a professional to manage their affairs and assets.
Our main objective is to meet the property owner’s requirements in providing a stable and secure environment and to provide a professional property management service to members of a home owners association or to owners of a sectional title scheme.
We will take care of all your needs with regards to sectional title management and property management.

Our property management service includes:

Financial Management:

  • Payment of salaries and wages of staff employed by the Body Corporate/ Home Owners’ Association.
  • Payment of all municipal accounts, creditors, suppliers, and any other accounts as approved by the Board of Trustees.
  • Preparation and submission of monthly financial reports, including performance to budget, balance sheet, levy roll, customer age analysis, and credit control reports, surplus report, investment account, bank statement(s).
  • Annual audit preparation.
  • Preparation of the Annual Budget of Income and Expenditure.
  • Completion and submission of most statutory returns.
  • Surplus funds invested in call accounts to maximise interest earnings.
  • Managing of the bank accounts on behalf of the Board of Trustees.

Administration, Secretarial, and Advisory Services:  

  • Preparation and circulation of notices for General Meeting.
  • Arranging and attending trustee meetings where necessary and one Annual General Meetings ("AGM") per annum.
  • Arranging, attending and taking minutes for trustee / directors’ meetings.
  • Sending out of minutes within 14 days of the meetings to all relevant parties.
  • Preparation and mailing of correspondence.
  • Preparation and issuing of Clearance Certificates.
  • Sectional Title and Home Owners’ Association management advice.
  • Maintenance of statutory and permanent records.










  • Arranging insurance for the Body Corporate/ Home Owners’ Association and submission and follow up of any insurance claims.
  • Management of insurance claims on behalf the Body Corporate/ Home Owners’ Association.

Maintenance Management:

  • Assisting the trustees with all maintenance issues and submission of quotes to the Board of Trustees.
  • Obtaining prior written approval for repairs of Common Property by Board of Trustees.
  • Allocating approved repair work to approved sub-contractors.

Professional team:
A dedicated team consisting of an experienced Residential Property Portfolio Manager, assisted by a Personal Assistant, Credit Controller, and Bookkeeper will be assigned to manage all aspects of your property management service requirements.
In addition, we provide our clients a wide range of property-related services, financial services to create and to protect your wealth and provide legal and tax advice through selected and approved partners.






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